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The school is to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where staff and children work together to create a happy secure, caring and stimulating environment. This will be in partnership with parents, governors and the wider community. All children are given esteem, respect for other and their environment, with high quality teaching and learning experiences that will encourage curiosity, develop enquiring minds and promote their confidence to try new challenges.

This will be achieved in a well resourced school that encourages creativity and co-operation and where individual, group and whole school efforts are valued and celebrated.

SGRR Education Mission plans to achieve this monumental goal by:

  • Delivering a dynamic educational program that encourages each student to achieve his/her highest potential.
  • Offering a unique blend of curriculum that will enable easy transition of students from school to tertiary education any where in the world.
  • Practicing the ethics of love and compassion towards all and committing ourselves to overall development of the children.